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Mileham Village Hall

In 1946 a group of parishioners started to raise money to build a village hall.

At that time, they had yet to secure a site. The main fund-raising was by whist drives and dances. These were either held in the School or the Parish Room at the Rectory. An annual Fete and ‘Arts and Crafts fairs’ were also staged.

In 1950, four years after the start of the fund raising, Mr Charles Joice gave a piece of land adjoining Burwood Hall to the village. This became the site of the current Village Hall.

It was in 1953 that an Arcon prefabricated building was purchased. The foundations were prepared by volunteers from the village, who also erected the building and the adjoining outdoor Elsan lavatories.

In 1954 is was decided that the new hall would be placed with the Charity Commissioner with a management committee to run it.

The committee was to be comprised of a Charity Commissioner and two representatives from each of the various organisations in the village. At that that time, these were the :-

By 1956 most of the work was completed and the hall was in constant use, heating being provided by two coke ‘tortoise’ stoves. It was furnished with one hundred folding chairs and seven tables.

The hall was officially opened on the 1st March 1957 by Mrs. C Joice.

Over the years, a number of improvements were made including the provision of indoor toilets.

Unfortunately, a fire partly destroyed the hall, and it was rebuilt in 1997. Although grants were made by the Norfolk  Rural Community Council, Norfolk County Council, Breckland District Council and the National Lottery, once again it was volunteers from the village who helped to raise the necessary funds.

The new hall was officially opened by Keith Skipper on the 3rd May 1997.