St John the Baptist Church

Our church is somewhat hidden from the road, particularly when the surrounding trees are in full leaf, but it is well worth a look.

The north tower, which functions as a portal, was given by the church’s patron Lord Fitzalan. The churchyard is typical of the country parish church, showing gravestones surrounding the building.

A medieval tomb in the churchyard retains the remnants of a cross.

The west window was also added by Lord Fitzalan and shows St Catherine (the wheel), St John the Baptist (the lamb) and St Margaret (spearing the dragon). It is a rare extant example of stained glass of the decorated style. Colors of green, gold, olive, amber, as well as red and blue distinguish the complex canopies and figures. In the lower half of the window fragments of 15th-century glass include images of an unidentified female saint and St Margaret.

The site of the original Saxon Village is in the field to the east of the church where the remains of Saxon ponds can be seen.